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Portfolio Management Services

For high-net-worth clients, Ckredence Wealth offers Portfolio Management Services (PMS). A professional money manager or portfolio manager tailors the investment portfolio of a client to suit his/her specific needs.


Our clients reap the following benefits:

| Personalised and Professional Management of Portfolio | Timely Updates & Reporting | Transparent & Concentrated Investments for Individuals |

Data for the month end - May 2022
Complaints Received From Pending at the end of last month Received Resolved* Total Pending# Pending > 3 Months Avg. Resolution Time ^ (in days)
Directly from Investors Nil Nil NA NA NA NA
Other Source (if any) Nil Nil NA NA NA NA
Grand Total Nil Nil NA NA NA NA
"^ Average Resolution time is the sum total of time taken to resolve each complaint in days, in the current month divided by the total number of complaints resolved in the current month"

Trend of monthly disposal of complaints

Month Carried forward from previous month Received Resolved* Pending#
May-22 Nil Nil NA NA
Apr-22 Nil Nil NA NA
Mar-22 Nil Nil NA NA
Feb-22 Nil Nil NA NA
Jan-22 Nil Nil NA NA
Dec-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Nov-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Oct-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Sep-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Aug-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Jul-21 Nil Nil NA NA
May-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Apr-21 Nil Nil NA NA
Grand Total Nil Nil NA NA

*Inclusive of complaints of previous months resolved in the current month.
#Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the month.

Trend of Annual Disposal of Complaints

Month Carried forward from previous Year Received Resolved* Pending#
2021-22 0 0 NA NA

Grand Total 0 0 NA NA


A Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a service that provides professional management of investments to create wealth.

Investment Management Solutions in PMS can be provided in the following ways:
“Discretionary Portfolio Manager” means the Portfolio Manager individually and independently manages the funds and securities of each client following the needs of the client.

“Non-Discretionary Portfolio Manager” means a portfolio manager who manages the funds and/or securities, following the directions of the clients.

Advisory - Under these services, the portfolio manager only suggests investment ideas. The choice, as well as the execution of the investment decisions, rests solely with the Investor.

Who Is an Ideal PMS Investor?

The investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. The clients can be individuals or institutions with a high net worth.

The offerings are usually ideal for investors who are:

- Looking to invest in asset classes like equity, fixed income, structured products, etc.
- Desire personalized investment solutions
- Desire long-term wealth creation
- Appreciate a high level of service

Do You Guarantee the Initial Corpus and Any ‘Return’ Thereon?

As per regulations governing Portfolio Management Services in India, returns cannot be guaranteed.

What Is the Time Horizon?

In most of our schemes the ideal time horizon for an equity portfolio is at least 24-30 months.

Does The Portfolio Management Service Have Any Lock-In Period?

The Portfolio Management Service has no lock-in period you can at any point of time.

What Is the Paperwork and Documentation Needed to Open a Pms Account?

Documents required: Demat & PMS Account opening form and the risk disclosure. Address proof/Identity proof /Pan card copy/Bank statements.

Can I Withdraw My Profit Any Time?

You can withdraw your profit as & when you want, provided you maintain the minimum ticket size.

What If I Terminate from The Pms Before One Year?

You can terminate from PMS at any time; charges as agreed would be applicable.

How reliable Portfolio Management Services?

Portfolio Management Services is very transparent. On basis of stock selection, fund managers can cherry-pick and hold on to good quality stocks as they generally get away from the unwanted market buzz and tips.

What fees can a Portfolio Manager charge from its clients for the services rendered by him?

SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020 provide that the Portfolio Manager shall charge a fee as per the agreement with the client for rendering portfolio management services. However, no upfront fees shall be charged by the Portfolio Manager directly or indirectly to the clients.

The agreement between the Portfolio Manager and the client shall, inter-alia, also include the quantum and the manner of fees payable by the client for each activity for which service is rendered by the Portfolio Manager directly or indirectly.

Can NRIs invest in PMS?

Yes, NRIs can invest in the PMS through the NRE or NRO accounts.

Is Partial withdrawal of Portfolio permitted, for the existing client of Portfolio Managers?

The client may withdraw partial amounts from his portfolio, by the terms of the agreement between the client and the Portfolio Manager. However, the value of an investment in the portfolio after such withdrawal shall not be less than the applicable minimum investment amount.

What kind of reports can the client expect from Portfolio Managers?

The Portfolio Manager shall furnish periodically a report to the client, as per the agreement, but not exceeding a period of three months and such report shall contain the following details, namely: -

(a) the composition and the value of the portfolio, description of securities and goods, number of securities, value of each security held in the portfolio, units of goods, the value of goods, cash balance, and the aggregate value of the portfolio as on the date of the report;
(b) Transactions undertaken during the period of the report including date of transaction and details of purchases and sales;
(c) Beneficial interest received during that period in the form of interest, dividend, bonus shares, rights shares, etc.; (d) Expenses incurred in managing the portfolio of the client;
(e) details of risk foreseen by the Portfolio Manager and the risk relating to the securities recommended by the Portfolio Manager for investment or disinvestment;
(f) default in payment of coupons or any other default in payments in the underlying debt security and downgrading to default rating by the rating agencies, if any;
(g) details of commission paid to the distributor(s) for the particular client.

What is the tax treatment in PMS Investment?

The tax liability of a PMS investor would remain the same as if the investor is accessing the capital market directly. However, the investor should consult his / her tax advisor for the same. The Portfolio Manager ideally provides an audited statement of accounts at the end of the financial year to aid the investor in assessing his / her tax liabilities.

Where can an investor file their complaints?

Investors would find the name, address, and telephone number of the investor relation officer of the Portfolio Manager (who attends to the investor queries and complaints) in the Disclosure Document. The grievance redressal and dispute mechanism are also mentioned in the Disclosure Document. In case of non-redressal of the complaint by the Portfolio Manager, investors can approach SEBI for redressal of their complaints. Investors may lodge their complaints through SCORES (SEBI Complaints Redress System - https://scores.gov.in/scores/Welcome.html) or by sending their complaints to the address given below.

Office of Investor Assistance and Education,

Securities and Exchange Board of India, Bhavan II
Plot No. C7, 'G' Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (E),
Mumbai - 400 051