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What are Bonds

Bonds are securities issued by companies, financial institutions, and governments on which the bondholder receives a fixed payment of interest at regular intervals. We ensure that our clients get the highest yield from various types of bonds.


Benefits of Bonds

  • Bonds are less volatile and often provide higher interest rates.
  • Bonds are often liquid. They ensure a certain fixed interest payment and fixed sum at maturity.
  • Bonds come with legal protection that makes them a safer option.
  • There are various types of bonds, where one may choose to invest as per their convenience and requirements

What are Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits are a secure way of earning returns and, at the same time, provides stability to a portfolio. We help you make correct investment decisions, which involves providing various company options to invest in for diversification of risks, periodic reviews, and ensuring higher interests.


Benefits of Fixed Deposits

  • High interest.
  • Short-term deposits.
  • The Lock-in period is only 6 months.
  • No Income Tax is deducted at the source if the interest income is up to Rs 5,000 in one financial year.
  • Investment can be spread in more than one Company, so interest from one Company does not exceed Rs. 5,000.


Ckredence Wealth offers Bonds and FD services, ensuring that our client can get the maximum benefits from these sources of wealth generation. Along with high return products, we also provide assistance and recommendations of regular and fixed investment products to satisfy our clients conservative and low risk-taking nature. Bond and FD being a debt instrument, provides clients and regular interest on their investments. Different tax saving bonds like sovereign gold bonds have been recommended to our clients.

Our clients reap the following benefits:

| Low risk | fixed source of income | less volatility |