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Financial Advisors near Me

CKERDENC WEALTH is the best Financial Advisors in Surat. we assists their clients in navigating some of the most difficult and perplexing choices of a lifetime, minimizing the risk to their personal and professional security, and reducing the chaos and ambiguity in their lives. We collaborate with other small and large companies to plan challenging changes and prevent disastrous outcomes, unprofitable times, and the general stress of staffing. You can concentrate on your legalities and documentation by using Ckredence Wealth to save time and money.

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We are delighted to assist with both your personal and professional issues. We offer investment consultation assistance and company concept to you. Give you access to company loans, home loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, project loans, and cash credit.


Business loans are unsecured loans provided to businesspeople by banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) without requiring any type of collateral protection. Business loans are very helpful for expanding your company, paying credit card bills, fantasy vacations, wedding or buying expenses, medical treatments, festivals, etc. These funds are readily obtainable through business loans. A business credit is ineligible as financing for the launch of a new company or for investments in stocks, commodities, etc. The finest venue to receive offers from numerous banks and NBFCs is provided by Ckredence Wealth. By submitting an application here, institutions will evaluate your background and come to your door to offer you the best. Here, you can make a choice based on your loan amount, interest rate, and contact with as many institutions as you can to solicit loan proposals from them for him. He can then choose the choice that will cost him the least amount of money by attempting to bargain with them. When choosing a lender, the applicant must also take the handling fee and prepayment penalties into account.

Housing financing

To obtain financing for the construction of a new house, remodeling of an existing home, the acquisition of a plot, or the extension of an existing home. Everyone dreams of owning a house, and this credit is known as a home loan. Home loans are always valuable due to their lengthy payback periods, low interest rates, large loan amounts, interest tax deductions, absence of prepayment penalties, and numerous other significant advantages. To purchase a new ideal house, a housing loan is made available. All banks and NBFCs have very distinct requirements for home financing. Banks that have been nationalized can only consent to 85%. All banks and NBFCs operate in accordance with RBI regulations, and only NBFCs with a valid home loan license may make home loans. Be aware that when determining whether a house loan application is eligible, banks include fees like Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, etc. but exclude fees like upkeep and parking. Home loans are available for short-term to long-term terms. You can use it based on your money ability and age range of 5 to 30 years. You can also make additional payments or partial payments to modify your mortgage. Both options are always available for your debt, initially to change the term.

Cash credit

Business organizations require money in order to cover their financial obligations. Banks may provide either long-term or short-term financing for this reason. Nowadays, people and businesses opt for short-term financial credit lending facilities. When using a bank or other financial institution's cash credit facility, a business can take funds in excess of the quantity it has on hand as credit for stock as security. A short-term lending option called Cash Credit allows the lender to withdraw funds up to a set amount without being limited by the amount the borrower has in his Cash Credit account. The currency credit account features a chequebook and operates similarly to a current account. According to banking company regulations, the option is available to pledge or hypothecate stock, such as raw materials, work-in-progress, completed products, etc., or on the assurance of book debts (debtors) or other collateral security. Obtaining cash credit serves to satisfy the company's need for operating money. The operating capital needs of the business less the margin funded by the business itself should match the cash credit limit.

The bank or other financial entity sets the drawing limit, which can differ from bank to bank and user to borrower. The bank assesses interest based on the quantity utilized rather than the authorized maximum. At any moment, the bank may request repayment of any loans made.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans are valuable loans due to their lengthy payback period, low interest rate, larger loan amount, interest reduction on income tax returns, part-repayment option with no fees, and numerous other significant advantages. Mortgage loans are used to finance house improvements, company expansion, medical costs, debt consolidation, and other purposes. The requirements for mortgage financing vary greatly between banks and NBFCs. Maximum lending amounts from nationalized institutions are 55% of market value (excluding SME or project loans). In addition, global institutions account for up to 65% of market worth. Up to 75% of market valuation is reached by NBFC. Interest rates vary depending on the organization.

Mortgage loans are available for short-term to long-term terms. You can use it for a maximum of five to fifteen years, depending on your financial situation. You can also make additional or partial payments to your home debt to restructure it. Reconstructing your loan term or your EMI are the two options that are always available for your loan. Every bank and NBFC provides a top-up loan after 12 EMIs based on market worth and financial ability.

Project Loans

The lending organization or institutions provide the client with a project loan so they can expand their business or rebuild it, among other things. For the purchase of fixed assets like property and buildings, equipment and machines, etc., project loans are also offered. Project loans are accessible to industrial or commercial businesses that are already in operation for development purposes as well as to new businesses as seed money or startup capital. Loans for projects are typically for mid- or long-term periods, but based on the project's viability, lending organizations may also consider applications for short-term loans. While the mid- and long-term project loans can be acquired for up to 10 years, the short-term project loan can only be used for one year.

Due to the lengthier loan duration and potential impact of frequent adjustments made by the lending institutions, the interest rate is quite competitive. Industries like those in the construction and infrastructure, engineering, automotive, power, gas, and petrochemical sectors are some of the ones that frequently use project loans in their operations. The Project Finance India policy offers a wonderful chance to investors looking for the capital needed to launch a new company or advance their projects.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are unsecured loans provided by banks and NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) without requiring any type of collateral protection. Personal loans are very helpful for completing your personal goals, such as unpaid credit card balances, fantasy vacations, wedding expenses, medical care, festivals, etc. These funds are readily obtainable through personal loans. Personal loans are ineligible as financing options for starting a new company or for investments in stocks, commodities, etc.

With only a few papers, such as your KYC documents and your revenue documents like your pay stub, salary account, form No. 16, etc., you can apply for a personal credit. A personal credit can be obtained quickly, easily, and with little trouble thanks to the minimal paperwork required. The time it takes for different organizations to deliver findings is just 24 hours minimum and 7 days maximum. Process periods are solely dependent on the customer's character and the bank's overall policy. To obtain a personal credit, you have several choices. The interest rates, lending terms, and minimum borrowing amounts vary depending on the bank. The customer's description determines the size and interest rate of the personal credit.

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